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The Faces of Lyme: Danielle

“You don’t lose, you learn” Going full-throttle through life was how Danielle lived life. Giving 100% as a mom and professional jiu jitsu athlete, she pushed her body to the limit. Initially, fighting against the disease only lead her to fall twice as hard. Not until she embraced the disease did she begin to recover, […]

The Faces of Lyme: David

“Seek help right away” Imagine you can’t watch TV, or carry on a conversation; you are in so much pain you have to stay in bed in a dark room. Immobile. Not getting treated right away led David to develop semi-catastrophic lyme (severe symptoms coming in quick succession). Within the first year he was stuck […]

The Faces of Lyme: Theresa

“Don’t let yourself become the disease” Theresa has one of the rarest manifestations of Lyme disease, narcolepsy. After struggling with narcolepsy for 25 years with various medications that never quite helped, it wasn’t until her lyme diagnosis and treatment protocol that her symptoms started going away. Within one year her narcolepsy is gone and she is […]

What is Lyme Disease?

What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is among the most frequently diagnosed zoonotic (a disease that can be spread between animals and humans) tick-borne diseases worldwide. The bacterium that causes Lyme disease belongs to the genus Borrelia. There are at least 37 known species, of which 13 are Lyme related including the more recently discovered […]

The Faces of Lyme: Peggy

Get an unfiltered look into Peggy’s life as she struggles with Lyme. Peggy discusses her battle with brain fog and debilitating fatigue and her journey to an almost fully recovered lifestyle. She discusses two important supplements that help maintain her health while living with lyme.

Image Gallery of Lyme disease indicators

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The Faces of Lyme: Megan & Cristi

A powerful story of a mother and daughter both living with Lyme disease for 11 years before a proper diagnosis.

The Faces of Lyme: Max

“Be open-minded with treatment”

Around 10 years old, Max noticed he didn’t feel well at a baseball tournament. Several tests later he did not have a diagnosis so he kept playing. It all came to a head when the stress (stress can cause lyme to flare up) of playing in another tournament resulted in major stomach issues. Since then Max has always struggled to gain weight from gastrointestinal issues associated with Lyme. He talks about what helps his stomach issues and identifies the one thing that helps him feel better every day.

test lyme disease Curious of your risk for Lyme disease?

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