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The Faces of Lyme: Penny

Penny’s Lyme diagnosis was further complicated with menopause; making an accurate diagnosis more difficult to sift out the real issues. Once her diagnosis was confirmed, she struggled with accepting the length of her treatment protocol. She just wanted to feel better now! One year later, feeling “back to normal” she says her best advice is […]

The Faces of Lyme: Gwen

Gwen’s story will sound familiar to many. She had seen so many doctors that she didn’t want to see another one. She was tired of not being heard and told “she just has to live with.” Through the encouragement of her friend, she came to IFSMED. After going undiagnosed for 15 years, it took her […]

The Faces of Lyme: Christina

Two years after receiving breast implants, Christina started experiencing neck pain. Her symptoms continued to increase until she was taking pain killers and anti-nausea medication every day for eight months. Clinically, her Lyme and other infections were under control, but she was still not feeling well. This is when she decided to have her breasts […]

The Faces of Lyme: Cynthia

“So crazy that there is something out there that can rob people of their personality” Cynthia blamed herself for feeling miserable. She thought she was carrying something negative in her heart. She worked on her mind, spirit, and body connection, but was not getting any better. Depression and anxiety were unbearable, so much so that […]

The Faces of Lyme: Mason

“If anyone told you this would be easy…they’d by lying” Go getter, high energy, on-the-go these are the words Mason uses to describe himself. After moving to San Diego, he noticed these characteristics fading away. He attributed it to starting a new job in a new city, but after 2-3 months of extreme fatigue, he […]

The Faces of Lyme: Nicole

“Talk to other people. Don’t be afraid.” After 4 years of being symptom free, Nicole had a relapse that sent her back into treatment. She discusses what she believes sent her into her relapse and what she is going to do moving forward to prevent a relapse again. Nicole bounced from doctor to doctor for […]

The Faces of Lyme: Renel

“Family support is extremely important” Renel’s severe mood swings drove her to get checked out by a hormone specialist who revealed her autoimmune levels were elevated. She opens up about how important family support is and how she explained her diagnosis to her children. She admits the toll the disease took on her marriage, family, […]

The Faces of Lyme: Penny

“Getting better all the time” Penny’s story is an example of Lyme manifesting as Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her RA diagnosis came first from her primary care doctor who referred her to our clinic. Upon further investigation it was revealed that her RA was a manifestation of underlying Lyme disease. Doctor Shikhman explains RA and its heterogeneous […]

The Faces of Lyme: Dee

“Seek treatment immediately” As a competitive mountain biker, Dee was in the bushes for years. He has been bitten several times, but never knew that getting bit would be a life-changing event. He never knew the severity of lyme until it happened to him. Dee talks about his symptoms as it relates to his performance […]

The Faces of Lyme: Cherie

“You can always heal” Underlying Lyme disease can be triggered by a traumatic event. Things like whiplash, extreme physical exertion, surgery, car accidents, and dental procedures can cause lyme to flare up. When Cherie had arthroscopic knee surgery, her symptoms went into overdrive. She had to quit her job, needed help with daily activities, and […]